Amidst the many books on the Gospel, perhaps we should be asking ourselves, what does a book offer that hasn’t previously been said ?, or what does this book offer our culture ? As a society we seem to expect our big name pastors and conference speakers to be putting out books every year or two, then the sheep do what sheep do, they copy each other and buy the book. Pastor 1 endorses pastor 2 and vice versa. And a circle of dull books that offer little that hasn’t previously been stated ensues. Sadly, nobody seems able to ask the simple questions of what does a book offer that hasn’t previously been said, or whether a book is even needed. It may be a sound book theologically, but that in itself is not a reason to write a book. I’d love to see less Christian books, a lot less, and more books on subjects that are rarely written about. Sometimes books are written that are not original at all, but speak to a new generation of Christians, so originality is not always necessary. I often wonder how it can be, that people who state how important the word is, seem to spend a lot less time reading the word than they do other Christian books.