Here are just a couple of tweets by well known people in Charismatic circles:
1. If what you’re doing isn’t fun enough, maybe you’re out of the will of God!…
2. “Giving is not just about money or ministry. It is also about bestowing life, love and laughter into the lifestyle of others.”

We live in an increasingly hedonist and selfish society, is this really the message we want to get across ?

The Apostle Paul’s message to a hedonistic culture didn’t mention them having fun, or that he was there to bestow laughter into their life. Maybe Paul laughed though his shipwrecks, beatings, stonings, or maybe he wasn’t in the will of God. He had to deal with a Church at Corinth that had serious problems, bestowing laughter wasn’t one of his concerns.

Whilst I welcome the desire to move away from a Church that has a constant diet of sin and misery in their sermons (did I mention Southern Baptists), let’s not over react and move too far to the other side.