Apparently, people don’t like it if you disagree with them on facebook. Leaders whom I have followed, who have prayed over me, whose books I have bought, don’t seem to like it if you dare to disagree with them over one facebook post, they then go so far as to look through this blog to find things they can disagree with.  I lead a men’s group where the only person who speaks in tongues, who believes in prophecy, is me. But I don’t become defensive and attack the other men in my group for not believing in such things, nor do we argue and fight over political issues. Being mature in Christ, we accept that we have differing views on such things, but our relationship as brothers in Christ triumphs over our disagreements. It always seems to be charismatic leaders who can’t accept other’s disagreeing with them, and who always come up with the defence of Matthew 7, accusing the other person of being judgemental. It’s a very sad day when someone posts something on facebook, and cannot accept someone disagreeing with them.